Monday, June 22, 2009

short break

Nook is progressing well although I don't have any new photo's to post just yet. I'm away house sitting for friends this week. They live on a gorgeous 15 acre block overlooking Wollumbin (a.k.a. Mt. Warning) in northern NSW. A good opportunity to relax and maybe even catch up on emails, ordering and some general lazing about. My duties here are light. Entertain Po (she's kelpie/cattle dog) and feed the chooks. So far so good!
Now, as idyllic as all this sounds there have been some minor set backs, the gas for the stove ran out yesterday. There is another stove in the barn 200m away. We have to traipse through long grass and mud to get there but Po & I enjoy the walk (Po more than I).

Po looking sheepish & then... big yawn

I usually like to get out early and take photo's while the fog's still thick but it was so unbearably cold this morning.