Tuesday, May 19, 2009

make your own

For anyone interested in making their very own little pair of felt booties, you can find the instructions and templates of the blue bird booties below in this months issue of Homespun magazine (the blue issue).

I'd love to see your finished pairs!

Monday, May 18, 2009

a short break

After acquiring dirt cheap tickets with Tiger, just 30 bucks each, my partner Julian (Jules for short) & I made our way to down to Melbs for the weekend.

The Nunnery in Fitzroy was to be our base and from there we ventured forth - well that is to say we shopped, ate tasty food, drank coffee and guzzled beer...
All around a fine weekend!
carlton park

We dined with pals at an amazing raw food restaurant called Le Cru. All vegan except for a small amount of honey used in some dishes. I ordered the beetroot ravioli which was of course not ravioli at all. It was thin slices of raw beetroot filled with a cashew cream centre drenched in a tangy citrus sauce - delicious!
We finished with raw, vegan tiramisu for dessert - oh lordy!

beetroot ravioli

parsnip pasta

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

etsy front page

Thanks Teneale for letting me know!

The council are laying stinky new tar over our street today. The trucks are so noisy and they start at 5am. Should look good when it's finished though. It'll be nice and smooth for bike riding too.