Monday, May 18, 2009

a short break

After acquiring dirt cheap tickets with Tiger, just 30 bucks each, my partner Julian (Jules for short) & I made our way to down to Melbs for the weekend.

The Nunnery in Fitzroy was to be our base and from there we ventured forth - well that is to say we shopped, ate tasty food, drank coffee and guzzled beer...
All around a fine weekend!
carlton park

We dined with pals at an amazing raw food restaurant called Le Cru. All vegan except for a small amount of honey used in some dishes. I ordered the beetroot ravioli which was of course not ravioli at all. It was thin slices of raw beetroot filled with a cashew cream centre drenched in a tangy citrus sauce - delicious!
We finished with raw, vegan tiramisu for dessert - oh lordy!

beetroot ravioli

parsnip pasta


Wicked Child Designs said...

That meal looks divine. $30 to Melbourne ? Gosh that's sweet !

Sandrine said...

Melbourne...sight! Went loved it and can't wait to go back.The food looks so delicious :)

Helen said...

Thanks Michelle for sharing your travels - I could almost taste the beetroot ravioli mmm mmm!

Thanks too for the tip about Tiger as well as the Nunnery - definitely tempting to escape down there more often.