Wednesday, July 8, 2009

BrisStyle Markets

I had a very nice day at the BrisStyle markets on Saturday.
I had hoped to take more photo's but the crowds were so intense I wasn't able to stand still long enough to focus my camera :)

Ruby 2 Go Go

Made by Maisie

I managed to pick up a lovely screen printed tea towel from Red Seed Studios, the best wood buttons ever from Beckybean, gorgeous lapel pins from Hot Toffee, a domino brooch kit from Ruby 2 Go Go, a pin from Kitty Boo Boo and last but not least a fancy collar from Pret a Pawte for Monsieur Pedro.

Ran into some of my very good friends at the markets too...

...with one of little Jellygnites cute little dashies.

Monday, June 22, 2009

short break

Nook is progressing well although I don't have any new photo's to post just yet. I'm away house sitting for friends this week. They live on a gorgeous 15 acre block overlooking Wollumbin (a.k.a. Mt. Warning) in northern NSW. A good opportunity to relax and maybe even catch up on emails, ordering and some general lazing about. My duties here are light. Entertain Po (she's kelpie/cattle dog) and feed the chooks. So far so good!
Now, as idyllic as all this sounds there have been some minor set backs, the gas for the stove ran out yesterday. There is another stove in the barn 200m away. We have to traipse through long grass and mud to get there but Po & I enjoy the walk (Po more than I).

Po looking sheepish & then... big yawn

I usually like to get out early and take photo's while the fog's still thick but it was so unbearably cold this morning.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

nook blog

I have started a new blog here in which I shall record the meanderings of soon to be little shop nook! Go on, Take a peek ;)

On an entirely different and somewhat amusing note, I stumbled across this photo I'd taken whilst visiting Japan last February. It was attached to a drink vending machine.

Funny, I know exactly what they mean :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009


...and the WINNER is

Congartulations Bubba Chenille !
: : Your goodies are on their way : :

Many thanks to all those who entered.

Friday, June 5, 2009

a nook to call my own

I've been living in an old run down house in Browning St, West End with my partner Julian for a few years now. With the exception of one boarding house, our place is the only residential house remaining on the block. The other houses were converted into shops and other businesses long ago. Our house was probably built around 1930 and other than a few dodgy additions like the built in veranda, it doesn't look like a whole lot of maintenance has been carried out on this place EVER. The exterior needs a serious coat of paint, the gutters need replacing, the list goes on. Anyway, the exciting thing is, it's all happening! The house is undergoing a serious makeover. Now here's the really cool part - to top it off I have been given the all clear to turn the front half into my very own shoppe!

The shop will be called 'Nook' and will feature handmade, vintage & eco goods. I'm hoping to be open within 2-3 months. No way am I setting an actual date just yet. We still have the builders here and painters are yet to come!

One more thing about this house is that it sits next door to an old, now dis-used boarding house. Julian's father grew up in that house and his father before him! The place was bought in the 1920's by Julian's great grandmother and was run as a boarding house until around 2003!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

G I V E A W A Y ! ! !

I'm keen to put get some new items up in my shop soon but in order to do that I need to clear out a few other bits and pieces first. I've never done a giveaway before. This is my first - and I'm excited!!

So what's up for grabs I hear you ask..

You could win an origami print tote made from cotton/linen Japanese imported fabric which is lined and has a pocket on the inside, a little patchwork pincushion and four dragonfly padded drink coasters!!

How to enter? All you have to do is tell me which booties design/colour you like best. The booties can all be found right here. In one weeks time I will randomly select the winner so please make sure you leave your email address or a link to your own blog where I can get in touch with you.

Good luck :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

a nice start to the day

Check it out, another front page...

Do you know about the Flickr Etsy front Pager's Photostream?
It's a great place to check if you've been on the front page, whether your a seller or if your lucky/patient enough to have made a treasury.
There is always a good chance one of your items has made it to the front page when it's picked up a tonne of views overnight for no obvious reason.