Thursday, March 26, 2009

A little visit to Stumped HQ

You may have noticed a link to Stumped in the 'nice blogs' list over to your left. Found it?
I have just returned from a short stint to Stumped HQ in Northern NSW to see what those good friends of mine were up to.
A little over a year ago, Sean and Jan relocated a beautiful old existing house from Brisbane all the way down to their 15 acre property just west of Murwillumbah. Prior to relocating the new house, they lived in a two storey barn style shed (see below) on the property for several years .

S & J wanted a home that was suitably sustainable and comfortable enough for their families needs. Many options were considered and researched before the decision was made to recycle a pre-existing home. Sean started a blog to record their experiences and share all that they had learnt along the way. Stumped is a truly informative read even if you don't intend moving a house anywhere anytime soon. The blog even includes a tally of the costs to date.
It has taken approximately one year to get the house back together, stumped and plumbed. Sean and Jan did loads of the work themselves too.
Oh, and did I mention they did all this with a (now) 2 year old and a baby due in 3 weeks.

Go Sean & Jan!!!

house arriving in two parts and the new tank ( photo's from Stumped)

view of Wollumbin (Mt. Warning) from the back deck

misty view from the composting toilet

breakfast in the nook

I didn't take too many pics of inside the house as S & J were still in the process of moving in. I think Jan would kill me if I posted any here : )