Saturday, March 7, 2009

etsy & the aussie dollar

It's been really hard deciding what to do in regards to pricing on my Etsy shop. Our dollar is sooo low in comparison to the US dollar. Whilst writing this it's at about .64 cents.
The dilemma is that if I lower my Etsy prices too much it's unfair to other sellers in the US and if I don't the price is way too high for my Australian and New Zealand customers. Plus I think it's confusing to buyers generally (and me) to see different prices for similar items on different sites. To top it off, I'm now pay almost double for my listings on Etsy as well.
So anyway, I've decided to go ahead and lower my prices on Etsy so they're in line with what I charge here in Australia and offer free shipping to my fellow Aussies. Hopefully this will work out OK.

If you're in Australia (or the US for that matter) I highly recommend purchasing through my other shop on Big Cartel. It's works out about $2 cheaper I think.


edward and lilly said...

It's such a difficult decision to make isn't it. I went through the same procrastinations last month and ended up lowering my etsy prices too.

Hot Fudge said...

Yes, I first went through the process of advising Aussie buyers that I would charge the same amount in Aussie dollars, then when the price of purchasing fabric from the US became so expensive, I took that out of the equasion and for a time had free shipping for Aussie buyers.

However, now I leave it as is and adjust my prices to a higher rate on my Made It shop. It's not worth selling at too low discounted rates, otherwise we'd be working for nothing. Very confusing!

Sharlene said...

I absolutely agree with your dilema. If we compete on price with other ETSY stores based on our dollars value are we undercutting other hand crafters. Also isn't our work worth the same as their even tough we live in a place with a different currency value? There is no easy answers here.