Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New online store

I've just added a couple of items to my new online shop
Hopefully I will have it completely set up within the next month (or two).
I've been wanting to have my own site for a while. Etsy's great but the exchange rate can make it difficult I think for local shoppers. With my new shop, items are listed in Australian dollars.

pincushion and cotton/linen coasters


edward and lilly said...

I'm lovin the new shop, I've thought about using Big Cartel but am still undecided. How are you finding it?

michelle said...

Hi Edward and Lilly,

Thanks! So far Big Cartel seems extremely user friendly. My one criticism is that the only payment option (for customers) seems to be Paypal. I'd like to provide the option of direct deposit too. I will also have to promote this shop more heavily as big cartel doesn't attract nearly as much traffic as Etsy does. I will keep you posted as to how it all
goes : )


Bec said...

Congratulations Michelle!! I'm very behind on my blog reading so sorry this is a bit late. I think big cartel is a great idea - I've bought from people with big cartel shops before and it has been super easy. Have fun in Japan too - I'm SOOOO jealous. So much fabricy goodness....mmmm....

Anonymous said...