Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holidays here I come....

It's been a very busy few weeks with completing Esty orders, making stock for the market, making Christmas and birthday presents for family.....
It was my sisters birthday last Saturday (the day of the BrisStyle market) , my mums birthday is tomorrow and mine's on Sunday! Crazy!! Poor Dad cops it the worst, having to buy two presents for each of us. His birthday of course falls on or very near to Mothers Day so I guess he gets his own back.

It was nice to meet and chat with a lot of the lovely ladies that are BrisStyle last weekend. I picked up a little necklace from Olivia of Scampsville and some cute baby bloomers from Benita of Betsy Kingston.

Next week I'm off to my folks place for bit of a relax until Christmas. I'm especially looking forward to seeing this pair of ragamuffins -

I overheard my Mum telling someone that Ren (the black and white dog) was finally starting to behave herself and doing what she was told. Mum felt that they were really getting through to her. The funny thing is, Rens 12! She's not behaving herself she's just getting old!!
Ren was a bit of a handful in her youth : )

They look like great mates don't they?
The little one is Stimpson. Both dogs were rescued by my sister at different times when she was traveling the east coast fruit-picking. My sister took care of Stimpson but Ren was flown up to my parents as she wasn't allowed at the farms (she'd run around knocking the fruit from the trees). They both eventually retired with my parents to this property in Northern NSW. Looks like they're both enjoying that view!

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hey ... nice new blog, I'm a fellow Brisstyler. Blogging gets quite addictive