Monday, October 27, 2008

In print!!

I featured in the local paper this week.!! The photo was taken with me lying down so I look a little strange (I think).

I've been really busy working on a project for Homespun magazine which should feature in the May 09 issue. They had me come up with a new shoe pattern and instructions on how to make them. It's been easy designing the shoe but my instructions still need lots of work. I have no experience with pattern making at all and I never read the instructions for anything. Can't wait until I'm all finished.

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Bec said...

Hey, what a great article. I never even knew you had a blog!!! Now that I know, I'll be back though. It was great seeing you and all your lovely stuff at the market. You really have a beautiful aesthetic - even Matt (my husband) remarked on it, and he's notoriously uninterested in 'crafty' stuff :P
Hope you have a great Christmas - see you in the New Year!